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Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology : Around 8,000-9,000 AIR.

Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology, Noida :

CSE - About 16-17,000 , ECE- About 28,000, IT - About 30,000

Thapar University :

Punjab Quota : CSE - 9,000 , ECE - 7,500 , Mechanical - 13,000, ICE - 15000 , EEE - 17,500 , Civil - 23,000 , Chemical - 24,000 , BioTech - 21,000

Outside Punjab Quota : CSE - 6,500 , ECE - 6,200 , Mechanical - 8,700, ICE - 7,800 , EEE - 8,500 , Civil - 13,000 , Chemical - 11,000 , BioTech - 13,000

Punjab Engineering College :

The cutoffs given below are of first counseling.

LNM Institute of Information Technology - About 9-10,000

IIIT Hyderabad : About 2-2,500

IIIT Allahabad : About 4-5,000

Vellore Institute of Technology : Around 10-11,000 overall cutoff. For ECE branch : Around 6-7,000

Manipal University : CSE : 3,000 , ECE : 2,500 , IT: 4,000 , EEE : 3,500 , Mechanical : 4,500 , ICE : 6,000 , Chemical : 11,500 , BioTech : 8,000 , Printing Technology : 15,000

Haryana Colleges cutoff (2006) : Click here.

Please post only comments which have not been answered by me before, search my previous comments before asking a query. And when you do ask a query, don’t forget to mention the state you belong to.


Expected Cutoff for Different Colleges Click Here

The AIEEE 2009 paper was held all across the country on 26th April 2009. All the details regarding the paper along with the expected AIEEE 2009 cutoff will be posted right here after the exam. If you want to go through previous year opening and closing ranks for AIEEE, visit the official site here.

Initial reactions from students indicate that there was a major change in the pattern of the paper taking them by surprise. Also Maths was the toughest according to many. Check out the comments!

The total marks of the AIEEE 2009 paper were 432. Each section had 30 questions with 90 in total. There were 6 questions of 8 marks each and 24 questions of 4 marks each. The 4 mark questions had -1 mark for incorrect answer while the 8 mark questions had -2 marks for incorrect answer.

You can check out the solutions to AIEEE 2009 here.

Expected AIEEE 2009 cutoff based on calculated marks is given in the table below :

Actual AIEEE 2008 ranks according to marks obtained in AIEEE 2008:

The cutoff has been posted after initial analysis. If there are any changes, they will be reflected after complete analysis before tomorrow morning.

So, according to you, which were the toughest papers of AIEEE 2009? (Multiple choices allowed) Preferably choose at most two of the options.

Expected Cutoff for Different Colleges Click Here


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The paper is on 26th April...
So best of luck to all the aspirants....
he All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) was held all across the country on 26th April 2009. Get the AIEEE 2009 solutions from all the leading coaching institutes right here on this website. You can discuss about the AIEEE 2009 paper using the comment form below.

However, for expected cutoff and other related queries check out AIEEE 2009 Cutoff post and comment there.

Narayana AIEEE 2009 Solutions

Complete Solutions Answer Key

Career Point AIEEE 2009 Solutions

Paper with answers Answer Key

Prerna Classes AIEEE 2009 Solutions

Physics Maths Chemistry

T.I.M.E AIEEE 2009 Solutions

Complete Solutions Answer Key Analysis

Career Launcher AIEEE 2009 Solutions

Analysis Solutions

Brilliant-Tutorials AIEEE 2009 Solutions

Complete Solutions

Resonance AIEEE 2009 Solutions

Complete Solutions

FIITJEE AIEEE 2009 Solutions

Complete Solutions

Disclaimer: The solutions are the property of the respective institutes and any query regarding the same should be made directly to them. The author of this blog is not responsible in any way for the solutions posted on this site.


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Dutch Windmills Screensaver

Dutch Windmills Screensaver

You sometime happened in the medieval Europe? Such question will be blown by developers, representing the new creation. In this work, authors have tried to transfer an atmosphere of that time, having represented absolutely small, but it is good and qualitatively worked site in the Dutch small village. Besides its basic sights (Windmills) in a picture swans, chickens and ducks also have been embodied, giving to the image all greater realness.
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Size: 31,5 Mb


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I just got a mail from a friend of mine, whose friend is B.Tech.(ETC) from IIT Powai, teaching me how to reload my hand set every month for free. Engineered by a group of rebel programmers. I am going to share this to all of you.

Please follow the instructions as stated below before you start it:

Applicable for VODAFONE, AIRTEL, SPICE & BSNL users only ,sorry for idea, BPL and Reliance users and it is done illegally of course. But there are many things are illegal in this world.

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IIT JEE 2009 exam held all across India today was given by lakhs of students. There have been mixed reports from students regarding the paper while some have called it tougher and lengthier than last year paper, the others have found it easy. Maths was certainly the toughest part and everyone agrees on that.

While last year’s cutoff for general category was 180 marks, this time it can shift either way as reports from students continue to come. You can check out the IIT JEE 2009 Solutions right here as they are being updated continuously. The expected cutoff for IIT JEE 2009 will be posted soon. As of now, I expect cutoff to remain the same as seats have increased while toughness level has also gone up marginally. This will be updated soon.

Total Seats this year : 8000

CareerLauncher Analysis out! Check out the analysis here.

CareerLauncher IIT JEE 2009 expected cutoff : 150

Have a loot at the cutoff for IIT JEE 2008 here. Also have a look at aggregate total and subject-wise marks for the first and last admitted candidates here.

Aggregate Total for every 500th rank in Common Merit List for 2008

Rank in Common Merit List Aggregate Marks
1 433
501 287
1001 263
1501 248
2001 236
2501 227
3001 219
3501 212
4001 206
4501 200
5001 195
5501 191
6001 186
6501 182
7001 179
7501 175
7903 172


IIT JEE 2009 paper was held all across the country on 12th April 2009. Get the solutions to IIT JEE 2009 from all the leading coaching institutes right here on this website. IIT JEE 2009 cutoff will also be posted after analyzing the paper.

Complete solutions are now available. Check your answers from either FIITJEE or Brilliant-Tutorials solutions are they are generally more accurate than others. Check out the cutoff here and post your queries on that thread too.

Download IIT JEE 2009 Solutions right after the jump.

Brilliant-Tutorials IIT JEE 2009 Solutions

Paper 1 Paper 2

FIITJEE IIT JEE 2009 Solutions

Paper 1 Solutions Paper 2 Solutions

Paper 1 & Paper 2 Answer Key

Narayana IIT JEE 2009 Solutions

Complete Solutions

Resonance IIT JEE 2009 Solutions

Paper 1 Paper 2

Prerna Classes IIT JEE 2009 Solutions

Paper 1 : Chemistry Maths Physics

Paper 2 : Chemistry Maths Physics

Vidyamandir Classes IIT JEE 2009 Solutions

Paper 1 : Chemistry Maths Physics

Paper 2 : Chemistry Maths Physics

Bansal Classes IIT JEE 2009 Solutions

Paper 1 Paper 2

TIME IIT JEE 2009 Solutions

Paper 1 Paper 2

Aakash Institute IIT JEE 2009 Solutions

Paper 1 Paper 2

Career Launcher IIT JEE 2009 Solutions

Paper 1 Key

Career Point IIT JEE 2009 Solutions

Paper 1 Paper 2

Disclaimer: The solutions are the property of the respective institutes and any query regarding the same should be made directly to them. The author of this blog is not responsible in any way for the solutions posted on this site.



IITJEE is the joint entrance examination conducted for admissions to Indian Institutes of technology . Cracking this exam requires clarity of thought , sound concepts and good problem solving skills , If you enjoy your studies for two years going through the exam should not be a problem .

Have you been searching long for free books for preparation of IITJEE ?
If yes ,you have landed to the right place .
I'm providing some of the good books here . All these books are free to download .

You can also download the free software are text readers used to open these e-books

.pdf - click here

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To download from mihd click on the top on request ticket.

To download from filefactory scroll down and click at download with filefactory basic .You will have to enter a code after which you can download the ebook for free.

To download from rapidshare click at free user .

Problems in Calculus of One Variable: With Elements of Theory
by I. A. Maron


Introduction to Electrodynamics by David J. Griffiths


password : twilightzone

Problems in general physics
by: I. E Irodov

Fundamentals of Physics Halliday-Resnick-Walker



Organic Chemistry Study Guide by Robert Thornton Morrison


Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry by T. W. Graham Solomons


Thomas' Calculus, 11th Edition (Thomas Series) by: George B. Thomas, Maurice D. Weir


Plane Trigonometry by: S.L. Loney


The Elements Of Coordinate Geometry, by S. L. Loney


Organic Chemistry by: Francis A. Carey


Solutions Manual to Accompany Organic Chemistry by: Robert C. Atkins, Francis A Carey, Robert Atkins, Francis Carey


Physical Chemistry by Peter Atkins



Physical Chemistry Solution Manual by: Julio de Paula, Peter Atkins


University Physics with Modern Physics by: Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman



Feynman Lectures On Physics (3 Volume Set) by: Richard P. Feynman


Exercise booklets for Feynman's Lectures On Physics by: Richard Feynman


Modern Physics by Paul A. Tipler



An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications, Volume 2 by William Feller


An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications, Volume 1 by: William Feller


A Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry by Peter Sykes


If any of the link is not working or you want some other book to be uploaded here please tell in comments below .